Golden Mountain Asy Tray


Derive from The Fuchun Mountains. A smoke is spiraling up from the kitchen chimney and rising slowly from the mountains top. We can see the miniatures of the simply and harmony with nature a landscape on the ink stone. Great elegance and popularity view, with its various genres and lasting charm.

year of creation: 2014

materials: ceramic, electroplating

dimensions: W: 22 cm, L: 16 cm, H: 5 cm

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C.R. Lin

C.R.Lin, Director of Crox International, specialized in architecture and urban planning, has a good sense in design and a sharp business understanding in all aspects of a successful project. His practice spans from window displays, sceneries and interiors to large scale projects like exhibitions, architecture and urban landscape. With unique design ability and user-focused approach, Mr. Lin looks into the context for solutions beyond traditional ideals. He serves as a cohesive force that fosters an integrated design consulting service at Crox.

Master of Urban Management and City Design, Domus Academy, Milano, Italy
Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chung-Hua University, Taiwan